“And if the ending of Great Expectations was different from the one of Dickens?”

In the mirror of the moonlight

“Philip, I’ve something to tell you.

Do you remember first time when we met at Satis house, I warned you about me. I admitted, as though I was boasting of myself that I was without feelings, emotions, I was so cold, a girl without a heart. In spite of my confession, you didn’t believe me, you never did.”

She smiled at me and a tear fell down on her cheeck, it shone in the pale mirror of moonlight.

Her voice was plenty of emotions, crying her thoughts:

“I just mistook, I still can’t forgive myself for this. I lay to you, and to myself althought I knew that you loved me as I..”

“Maybe it was only a mistake.. I should go”.

“Please, I beg you Estella, don’t go away, stay here. I miss you.”

I softly rose her chin, caressing her gramorous puss, and dried the tear. I was there, staring back at her, closer to her. I took her hand, helding it with frailty, and I put it on my heart. A heartbeating heart full of love, her presence, thoughts, fellings, images, full of her piece of world.

“I love you Estella” I added. “I always prayed for this moment, since I have meet you.”

“I love you too Pip. I’ve always been in love with you”. She lovely replied.

She plugged herself in my embrance. With cuddle I pulled aside her face, while she was turning down her look, I bent upon her mouth and kissed her tremble lips. It was an awesome honey kiss.

She broke loose full of happyness and sweetly whispered:

“But promise me, You’ll never leave me.”

“I promise you. Forever, mine.” I smiled to her, to the world that has done all this bad to us, as it done wright.

There was no better I wish I had.

“Forever.” She repeated in the air to the moon, kissing him.

What’s gone after nobody can tell, but a certain thing: a new dawn was rising in their lives, so apparently divided and different, but always joined by love.

Written by myself



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